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From the Temple in the wilderness to the formation of the church, God has been teaching mankind about His ways and how we as His grateful children can best please Him and praise Him for all He does and has done for us. This study is a review of scripture and a search for what God wants from us not what we want from Him. This study is not about making God into our image of Him but seeking from His word, those things He wants most from us. This study has been led by the Holy Spirit and has led to the book available here called “The temple of the Most High God.pdf”. It is about real spiritual worship and about how we as “living stones” and “priests” are built into a Temple. The Temple of the most high God. It is about unity in Christ Jesus, the purpose of the church and the importance of walking in real faith, the same faith as Jesus walked in. There is nothing for sale on this web site, the book is free, the articles are free and the bible studies are free. Everything is offered for the Glory of God. After all, it is His word and His inspiration and guidance. You are encouraged to send comments and thoughts on anything included herein. May God bless your study of His word.

While you may find some concepts here new and challenging, the rule by which I conduct these studies are simple. Where the scripture is clear and straight forward, no interpretation is needed and so none is offered. Where the scripture may lend itself to interpretation then the interpretation offered is consistent with the majority of scripture on the same subject. In short, there is every effort to try to see what God is telling us, and little to no effort to focus on what man wants to say or hear. There is no theology or dogma presented. Nothing but faith in Jesus can save man and nothing but the shed blood of Jesus can cleanse sin. No effort is made to promote or down grade any denomination however our point is that denominations in themselves are preventing true unity in Christ.

If you have a comment or discussion point then please click the “contact us “ page and let us hear from you. We will try to respond to all serious discussions and comments. If you would like to affiliate with the Temple of the most High God just organize your home group and become a chapel using a name you select. For example you could be “The temple of the most High God, South Side Chapel or St John’s Chapel”. We would appreciate your letting us know about your chapel with contact info so we can put you on our web site.

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